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Virtual Private Network


MST's SSL VPN is a web-based cross-platform service, by which you can access to MST's school network when you are off-campus. You are required for authentication using your network usename and password. The VPN allows you to access school network drives restricted to MST students and staff.


All MST students and staff

Connecting to the MST VPN

  • In the browser, go to: https://vpn.mst.edu.hk
  • Enter your network ID credentials (username and password).
  • The first time you log in at that URL, you will be prompted to accept a certificate from MST, do so. Please refer to the following demos for accessing MST VPN with different types of web browsers.
  • To log out, click the "Logoff" icon at the right top corner in the windows.


  • Please don't use this service in public computers.
  • Remember to logout after use.
  • Prevent upload and download big or large amount files.